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Re: Useful blank books

Hi Joyce - we couldn't be much further apart and both be in the US of A.
(Alaska and Massachusetts!)
I share your interests and have also started to make one of a kind or small
editions of illustrated narratives and also blank books and pop-outs ( will
soon try pop-ups and explore tunnels further.)
Do you work at a university?  I was last in Alaska way back when the
huge oil pipes were  being shipped up there...camped all over the place,
and really fell in love with that world ( might not like it in the winter
however....not so much the snow & wind as the DARKNESS that goes on and on.)
I bought some flax paper from the U of Iowa Paper Lab that is heavy and thick
and stained with the dye from boiled walnut shells - it is really unique
and made a stunning cover for a button hole stitch concertina of Arches
paper upon which I did hand illulstrations and text about Egypt.

Here's an idea:  Make your own pigmented paper pulp to couch on base
sheets.  ( medium thick )  Use these  when dry  to cover store bought
journals madein China....acrylic medium can be used for glue, can be added
to the pulp..,
can also serve as a final coating on top to protec t the paper.
Takes some experimenting first to get the medium/water ratio so that
the top coating isnt tacky, slightly, when dry.   I met a gal from
the east coast recently who covers these inexpensive journals and
resells them - they are quite lovely and a good money maker. I dont know about
the copyright part of it....China sure doesnt honor OUR copyrights.

Lilias, from Saltwinds

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