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Re: Useful blank books

In a message dated 96-06-05 14:43:51 EDT, you write:

> I am looking for ideas for
>books that people can use and enjoy .
>Guest books are a possibility

i think you're on the right track -- considering the huge amounts of $$$
people throw into weddings, up to $200 for a really artistic, unique guest
book is entirely within the realm. i was thinking of pursuing the blank-book
route myself after making a wedding guest book for some family friends a
couple years ago. my book avoided the problem of no lines to write on,
because it was composed of many small pages, one page per guest. you might
want to try something like that. i'd be interested to know how it goes w/
your marketing efforts for such things; i haven't had time so far to really
get into it.

good luck!

Indigo Som
bitchy buddha press

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