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keep annotated list of rare book collection.

        Many people enjoy collecting rare, old and limited edition books, but few
take the time to fully organize and index their private collections.  A
well-organized collection provides more pleasure for its owner and has more

        What's needed is an "annotated list" of all your books, one that allows
easy editing and revision if your notes, sorting in various ways, and
printing out of all or parts of the list.

        Such an "annotated list" will automatically build its own index, one that
will pop up on the screen at the touch of a key.  It has plenty of space for
your own notes and ideas about the items; notes about acquisition, history,
repair, possible buyers.

        Before you spend any money on software that maintains such an annotated
list, you should be aware that the best software for this purpose,
SquareNote, offers a completely free version, SquareNote3.5.  Try this
first, because it's likely to meet your needs and doesn't cost a cent.  It
runs on any IBM-compatible PC, but the MAC version won't be out until later
this year.

        For a short memo on methods and techniques for organizing and indexing your
collection, email "collection@xxxxxxx".  For free copy of SquareNote3.5,
email "sqn35net@xxxxxxx" or open our Web page, "http://sqn.com";.  For cynics
who wonder why we offer free software, email "whyfree@xxxxxxx".

                Stephanie Mora

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