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Re: Useful blank books

On Thu, 6 Jun 1996, Daria wrote:

> do you start with handmade paper or do you use various types in the same
> book...be interested in the paper you like to work with.  Thanks
> Lilias at Saltwinds

I assume your question is about the small accordion books I was
describing.  For the pages I use a fairly heavy paper--just not so heavy
that it won't take a nice crease.  Depending on the size of the original
sheet I end up with a folded textblock that's somewhere around 3x5
inches.  I cut a pile of boards on the famous Kuttrimmer and a pile of
cover papers.  For that I use what I have in my wonderful stash--paste
papers, marbled papers, suminagashi, whatever I've been playing with plus
exotic papers.  I haven't made a lot of paper myself and am not sure I
would use it up in something I'm planning to sell for $5-10.  The fun
part is decorating them since you can use stripes and combinations of
papers and all kinds of closures .  They are nice to hold in the hand and
people seem to like them.  I can sell as many as I can make.


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