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Re[2]: Useful blank books

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Subject: Re: Useful blank books
Author:  joycej@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx at INTERNET
Date:    6/6/96 10:12 AM

>...For the pages I use a fairly heavy paper--just not so heavy that it won't
take a nice crease.  Depending on the size of the original sheet I end up with a
folded textblock that's somewhere around 3x5 inches.

I have an archival scrapbook photo album business and have a bunch of pages from
our previous line.  These refil pages are white, acid-free, 60 Lb. vellum.  Do
you think these sheets would work?

They have a reinforcement (jeeping) on one side.  Once I cut that off, I'll be
left with 12 inch X almost 12 inch pieces.

I'd like to learn more about this.  I'm photographing a wedding this summer in
all black and whites and would like to make a small handmade book as a gift for
the grandmother (my mother-in-law).



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