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Position Available

Taken from the Consdist list.

Date: 10 Jun 96
From: Sy Bram <brams@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Position at New York City Municipal Archives

Conservation Technician
New York City Municipal Archives

This is a temporary, grant-funded position for one year with a
possible second year renewal. The salary is $28,828 per year.

Job Description: Under supervision with some latitude for the
exercise of independent judgment, performs professional work in the
New York City Municipal Archives' Conservation Laboratory. Tasks
include a variety of conservation treatment techniques such as
disbinding of volumes, washing, deacidification, leafcasting, and
paper repairs. Other tasks include rebinding, maintenance of
supplies and equipment, and preparing reports. This is a full-time
position, but candidates will be considered who can make a
substantial part-time commitment.

Qualification Requirements:

    *   Master's degree in Library Science, or related field; or,

    *   Baccalaureate degree and one year full-time professional
        experience in a conservation laboratory, library, museum,
        archives or similar institution; or,

    *   Education and/or experience equivalent to above. However,
        all candidates must have the baccalaureate degree and
        professional training in book and paper conservation.

Send Resume By July 10, 1996 To:

    Ellen Chin, Conservator
    Municipal Archives
    31 Chambers Street, Room 101
    New York, NY 10007

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