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Questions Needing Answers

Dear List Members,

I am currently completing the 4th year of a Bachelor of Design in Visual
Communication, majoring in photo illustration, at the University of Western
Sydney in Australia. I have only recently joined the Book Arts List and
have enjoyed reading through the archives - they hold a wealth of
interesting and informative information that has been invaluable to my

For my major project this year I have chosen to write and illustrate a
book. Part of my research involves finding out as much as I can about
books, book arts and the publishing industry.

Any response to the following questionaire would be most appreciated as it
would help to fill one of my course requirements. Please feel free to be as
brief or verbose as you desire.

1. What is it about books that appeals to you?

2. When selecting a book what is it that attracts you to it? Are the
following considerations important to your selection process?

                - tactile quality
                - cover
                - subject matter
                - production quality
                - size and shape
                - cost
                - other (please specify)

The book I am working on is primarily a picture book (although some text is
involved). It is not a children's picture book, rather it is more along the
lines of Nick Bantock's Griffin and Sabine trilogy. In Australia this style
of book is hard to find as it doesn't seem to fit into any specific
'category' within the bookstore.

3. How would you categorise a book of this nature and where would you find

4. What audience do you think this style of book appeals to and why?

Any further comments and suggestions would be more than welcome.

Answers to the following personal questions are optional but would help in
the collation of my findings.

5. Male / Female?
6. Age Group?
7. Occupation?

Please do not post your responses to the list but rather forward them
directly to me at low@xxxxxxxxxx

Thank you for your time. Your help will be very much appreciated.


Susannah Low

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