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Kutrimmer visit

Should have thought of this sooner! I'm going to be traveling to
Pittsburgh tomorrow, Thursday the 13th, and traveling back to Binghamton,
NY on Saturday the 15th. If anyone along the route (south on Rt.81 past
Scranton and then west along Rt.80 something across Pennsylvania) should
own a Kutrimmer which they wouldn't mind my stopping and looking at, I'd
appreciate having your phone number so I could give you a call when I
pass your vicinity.

I've given you all of three hours to respond to this! I'll check my mail
just before I leave at 5pm today. If anyone should respond and doesn't
hear from me, assume the note didn't reach my mailbox in time.

And now I should add that in the likely case that I'm unable to see one
on this trip, I would be willing to travel to within a two hour radius
of Binghamton at another time to see one.


Lavinia Adler

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