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Quest for a bookbinder

I have been a silent observer since Mar. and have learned a great deal about
book arts.  Discussions have been interesting and at times very "hot"!
Thanks all for your contributions.

Now - my quest...

My sister received a wonderful fairie tale book with delightfully intricate
and full colour pictures,  - oh only a few years ago... The book was read so
often that it has begun to fall apart.  I am wondering if there is anyone
or if someone knows of someone in the Memphis or Nashville area who would be
interested in re-binding it.

Some of the particulars about the book is that it is hardcover, measures 13"
long x 9 3/4 wide x 1" deep.  Sections of the book were sewn first and then
the spine glued (the original spine is now missing).  I would guess that the
book was printed in the early 60's and I think european made.  The lady who
gave it was from Germany.

Lastly, any idea of what this sort of repair would cost?

Looking forward to replies.

Colette Johnson-Vosberg
Handmade paper artist

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