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Re: Questions Needing Answers

Here is a hurried answer to y our query:

A successful book has to be more than just entertainment ( to me ).  To be
unforgetable, it must elicit mental elaboration, conjuring up past emotion ,
experience and knowledge  as well as inciting conjecture about  future
possibilities - and
 ... an inherent quality of MYSTERY.
  That is why the Sabine books appeal to many people. Or for another
example, of a much different genre, Frank Hebert's Dune. And there are
countless others. ( Have you encountered the computer program MYST??? Try it !!)

There are as many reasons for choosing a book as there are choosers I guess !

When "choosing" I go for the author, despite the cover, typography , color, or
illustrations, etc.

Also, dont forget that people also rely on certain book mongers or critics or
reviewers to announce to them an overview of contents.  If you trust your
b ook reviewer, you are apt to try the book.Librarians have to rely on
reviews.  American Library Association's  publication contains much.

Hand built books have a charm that entices.  But the question is (long debated),
are they all books or are many of them book forms and on and on it goes.

Lilias at Saltwinds

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