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Re: Paper Makers

With the recent enquiries of papermakers, and Lilias writing me regarding
papermaking, perhaps I should introduce myself.

My name is Colette Johnson-Vosberg and have been practicing hand papermaking
since 1989.  Until 1994 I made paper solely for my artwork.  I have
experimented with different plant materials over the years.

Since 1994, I have started a business venture of producing stationery sets,
greeting cards, archival quality sheets of paper and Japanese Divider
Screens.  When I decided to get into production papermaking (to try and
support my artistic habit) I settled on using Manila Hemp as a base fibre
and mix it with cattails to give a nice decorative surface that is still
relatively smooth.

I package the stationery sheets and envelopes with a jacket composed of
manila hemp and purple loosestrife -  A plant taking over the wetlands.  It
has a woody fibre and gives a tactile surface but is too rough to write on.
The stationery sets are double dipped into pigmented grass for decoration.
The greeting cards have ferns laid on the sheet with grass to keep it in
place.  The screens are made from pine wood and lined with HMP with Purple
Loosestrife - ferns are embedded into some of the sheets.  With back
lighting they are really beautiful.

If someone is looking for something in particular, I would be happy to try
and accommodate.

Anyone interesting in getting prices in US dollars, or would like more
detailed information,  please contact me at:

Colette Johnson-Vosberg
R.R. #4
Hampton, N.B. Canada
E0G 1Z0
Ph: (506) 832-3868
Fax: (506) 832-3438
e-mail: vosberg@xxxxxxxxx

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