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Re: Equipment wants/ for sale

>An imposing stone is needed ( will buy) for a Washington press display at the
>Phoenix Public Library "Art of the Book Room." If anyone knows of one,
>preferably a marble or granite stone, or a cabinet with stone top, I would
>appreciate knowing about it.
>Still looking for an oak type cabinet within reach of Phoenix.
>Have a couple of 100 slot galley cabinets, 9" x 12" galleys each, will sell
>or trade.
>Bill Simon
Hi Bill,I was wondering if you sold your paper cutter and if you had a
chance to dig out your old brass and wood galleys?There should be someone
in your neck of the woods (ie Sante Fe or Taos)who could help you with your
stone needs.Anyway good luck and get back to me when you get a chance.Eric

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