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Equipment available

New England area:
Printing Equipment for FREE or for VERY LITTLE MONEY
Ken Chase of Town Line Printing has the following equipment. Call
603-485-8850. In Suncook NH, near Concord NH-easily accessible from Rt. 93.

Guillotine (bed @ 30") and Proofing Press
These two items have unfortunately been out in his backyard for awhile so
would need some hearty work with a sander. The guillotine is a little worse
off for rust, but will work if given care. Both of these should be free for
the taking.

Platemaker and Paper Folder (17.5 x 22")
These two items are in fine condition. Price negotiable, but probably not much.

Also for sale in from Mike in Keene NH. Call 603-352-3155:
Mita photocopier DC-2555: $150-200 (negotiable)
Light Table 24 x 28: $75
Also larger light table with straightedge
All in good condition

These items may not be around long. Ken Chase is hauling his stuff to the
junkyard after next week, but he's be much happier seeing the stuff go to a
new home.

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