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At 09:29 PM 6/24/96 +0000, you wrote:
>Dear Learned Book Artsers
>Are any of you familiar with the intaglio (?) technique of cliche
>verre.  I came across reproductions of it recently in a text by Bruno
>Schulz and find the effects rather mysterious and beautiful.  Any
>technical or bibliographical input would be much appreciated.
>Many thanks
>Robyn Sassen

Dear Robyn Sassen:

Cliche' verre is a photographic contact-printing technique using a
same-size-as-the-print negative.  The negative can be made from a variety of
materials including acetate, glass, tracing paper.  The negative is then
contact-printed on a light sensitive emulsion-coated paper or surface.   For
technical information, you can refer to "Keepers of Light", an excellent
book by William Crawford on historical photographic techniques and there's
also something about it in "The New Photography" by Catherine Reeve and
Marilyn Sward.  These are not that easy to obtain - so if you can't find it
locally, you can contact us - we have copies in our retail shop which we can
ship to you.  Yours, Mina Takahashi, Dieu Donne' Papermill, 433 Broome
Street, New York, NY 10013.  tel 212/226-0573.  fax 212/226-6088.

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