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Help Me Please

I don't know if you can help me or not, but I sure hope that you can -
and will.  I am working on a Business Plan for a publishing company, but
I am having a little trouble finding the information that I need.

Sure I need help with the financial projections part of my Business Plan,
but I know that you can't help me in that respect.  That's not the reason
why I am writing this message to you.  I am writing it because I need a
list of all competition when it comes to the publishing industry.

I found two books at the library, Literary Market Place and Writer's
Market, and they do have what I need.  The only problem is it is going to
take me forever to copy all that information down - especially from LMP.
My plan was to copy down the Publisher's Name, the Publisher's address,
the Publisher's City, State and Zip Code, When the company was founded,
how many books they handle, if it's hardcover or paperback or both, and
if it's fiction or nonfiction or both.

I got the most up to date copy of both books that I could.  Which was the
1994 edition.  My plan was told copy all the information down, then go
back to the library and use the current refereence copies to update them
for my Business Plan, but like I said earlier it would take me forever to
do that, and if I did present all of it in my Business Plan it would take
up half of it.  Sure it would be part of the appendixs, but it would
still take up half of my Business Plan.

While I was writing down the information I thought that I could leave out
the nonfiction entries with a comment in my Business Plan that the
information is available if they wanted to look at it, but even doing
that is going to make the Business Plan a lot longer than it should be,
and that can only hurt me - right?  Also while writing down the
information I thought about using the internet to get the inforamtion
that I need, and just download it.

They say that you can find whatever you need on the internet.  It's
somewhere, but if it is I don't know where to find it, and that is where
you come in.  Does anyone know where I can find a list of all publishers
that I can download on the internet.  If so I would greatly appreciate
it if you would tell me where it is, and how I can get it too.

I sure hope that you can, and will, help me, and I want to thank you in
advance for any help that you can give me.

Donald A. Johnson

P.S.  Please let me know if this is the wrong type of question that I
      should be sending to this Mailing List.  Since this is the only
      Mailing List that deals with the Publishing Industry I figured that it
      was the one to send this message to.  If it isn't please let me know,
      where to send it if you can, and I will try not to do it again.

      Also wanted to say that I was sorry that this message is so long
      for the information that I am trying to get.  I guess it's the
      writer in me.  I hope you will forgive me for that too - especially
      if I shouldn't have sent it to this Mailing List in the first place.

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