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>I have restrained myself from sharing crucial
>biblio-literario info until the Oil of Egg
>people had had their peckish ways with us.  Now,
>unmuzzled, I draw to your attention to the truly
>baffling.  Fact A: enterprising Stephen Blumberg
>(see "The Book Thief  A True Tale of Biblio-
>mania," Philip Weiss, Harper's Magazine, January
>1994) kept his expropriated volumes in his home in
>Ottumwa, Iowa.  FACT B:  this is the same city which
>is the setting for "Oil of Dog," a modest tale by
>Ambrose Bierce about another enterprising Iowan.
>Learned list members, I ask you, is this merely
perhaps something to do with the center of the abstraction we call these
United States?

it's the devils work. Look it up.

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