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Books arts curriculum

I am in the process of developing a program on book arts
within the context of a graphic communications department. I
work at a two year community college and at present do not
plan to make it a certificate or degree program. We will be
working with the art department in this program so that
students have access to both facilities. Students will be
entering the program with some background in typography and
fluency on the Mac.I have been looking at other programs via
the Internet and although there are many class listings I
have not seen a lot of curriculum for these classes. Is
there anyone who would be interested in suggesting topic
areas that should/must be covered in these courses. I have
set aside one course for bindery and two courses for
printing. This may seem a mechanistic way of approaching the
problem but it does help me frame my work in a reasonable
manner. As I go into this area I get easily overwhelmed by
the size of the topic. I feel that I could start and stop
with the history of the book and build a whole program
around that. I think I need help to go further.

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