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Info: Update bookinformation website


Some of this week's updates in our website:

http://www.asu.edu/cfa/art/area/printmaking/bookart.html : BOOK ARTS, Arizona State
University, School of Art:  Coursework in Fine Printing & Bookmaking is classified under
the printmaking area, where it complements the other fine art courses often included in
the 'book arts'; paper making, lithography, intaglio, screen printing, relief, and mono
printing.  Undergraduate students may earn a BF degree in the printmaking area with an
emphasis in the book arts.  Graduate students may earn an MFA degree in printmaking with
an emphasis in any or all of the book arts.  Fine Printing & Bookmaking
classes are open to students from all disciplines, within and outside of the visual
arts.  Art students in printmaking, photography, graphic design, and occasionally from
painting and drawing, ceramics, or fibers bring different aesthetics and visual senses;
non-art majors from English, creative writing, history, the scholarly publishing
program, philosophy, and communication have all brought their own perspectives to enrich
the class.  A mix of undergraduate and graduate students is usual and also serves to
broaden the experience for everyone.

http://www.asu.edu/cfa/art/area/printmaking/press.html :  THE PYRACANTHA PRESS:  Arizona
State University School of Art.  Limited edition publishing projects are executed under
the School of Art's imprint, the Pyracantha Press, established at Arizona State
University in 1982.  The Press undertakes book arts projects which have particular merit
in literary content, which result in visual or technical research, or which
provide for significant collaboration between writers and artists or between
artists.  Publications of the Press are not done as class projects, but are produced
with professional care and quality by the director, the staff printer, and graduate
research assistants.

http://www.deltanet.com/gallery/guide/artists/shenk_ge/ : GENIE SHENK:  Bookart and
Installations.  Genie Shenk was born in Montgomery, Alabama, and spent her childhood
years in the southern United States.  She attended college at Rice University in Houston
where she majored in literature and received two graduate degrees.  She began art
studies in San Francisco and at the Art Students League in New York, continued at
Palomar and Mira Costa Colleges in San Diego County, and in 1990 received an MFA from
UCLA.  She teaches color theory and book arts at the Athenaeum School of Arts and also
at San Diego Mesa College, where she is cofounder of Mesa Arts Press.  Her book works
have been widely exhibited.

href=http://www.asu.edu/cfa/art/area/printmaking/papermaking.html : PAPER MAKING,
Arizona State University: Paper making at Arizona State University is offered as part of
the printmaking area of the School of Art, yet it is open to students of all disciplines
including those outside the School.  A general course in hand paper making is offered
once a year by Professor John Risseeuw.  This course covers the history and science of
paper making; beating, with concentration on rag pulps; sheet making; plant and
alternative fibers, their treatment and uses; dimensional uses of pulp; additives; and
Japanese hand paper making.

http://www.rrz.uni-koeln.de/ebook/bookart/index.html : DEUTSCHE BUCHKUNST IM 20.
JAHRHUNDERT: Publication on German 20th century book art.

http://www.zilker.net/%7Eltrpress/PWP.html : THE PLAIN WRAPPER PRESS:
Richard-Gabriel Rummonds and the Plain Wrapper Press.

http://www.praxis.co.uk/ppuk/celtic.htm : THE CELTIC CROSS PRESS: Proprietor: Rosemary
Roberts The Celtic Cross Press was founded in 1984 to publish limited edition, signed
and numbered books, printed letterpress in two colors and bound in full cloth covered
boards, designed, illustrated and printed by Rosemary Roberts.

http://mars.ark.com/~randtech/ : ERIC RANDLE: bookbinding & paper conservation private
practice,  Providing conservation treatment of books, documents, maps, art on paper,
etc. Site with very attractive typographical layout

http://www.openluchtmuseum.nl/index.html :OPENLUCHT MUSEUM, Arnhem, The Netherlands.
Very attractive museum, showing it's latest addition: old-age streetcars and a complete
track through the museum gardens.  Worthwhile visiting.  Museum is located near the city
of Arnhem in quiet part of the Netherlands with many surrounding woods.

http://www.SimonSays.com :  SIMON & SCHUSTER WORLD WIDE WEB SITE: a very handsomely
designed website.

You can find more information about our latest updates in:
Ton Cremers and Marian Beereboom

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