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Re: Help Me Please

At 10:16 PM 6/24/96 -0700, you wrote:
>I found two books at the library, Literary Market Place and Writer's
>Market, and they do have what I need.  The only problem is it is going to
>take me forever to copy all that information down - especially from LMP.
>I got the most up to date copy of both books that I could.  Which was the
>1994 edition.
>Donald A. Johnson
>P.S.  Please let me know if this is the wrong type of question that I
>      should be sending to this Mailing List.

Both books are printed annually and much of the information in an older
edition would be out-of-date.  That is why the libraries, particularly the
university libraries, buy new ones annually.  While the Literary Market
Place may be expensive, you can pick up Writer's Market at many new
bookstores.  By the way, this is not the only list dealing with publishers.
For instance, the American Bookseller's Association has a list called
Bookseller.  Its address is  booksellers@xxxxxxxxxxx, and to subscribe send
a message to
with this message: Subscribe booksellers list

Jerry Blaz

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