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Re: Places to See in New York City

Thought I'd pass along these comments from a friend just back from NYC:
she writes: "...back from my two weeks out east, including five fun days in
NY.  The Picasso exhibit at MoMA was great, as was an exhibit there called
Thinking Print: Books to Billboards 1980-1995.  There were a few cool artist
books as well as some other good stuff, including a number of pieces done on
the theme of issues of abuse and violence.  Walked 20something blocks to A
Printed Matter and there was a sign on the front door that DIA was closed for
the summer :(  Tried to see the collection of artist books at MoMA but one
needs to make special arrangements well in advance and needs to request
specific books.  Oh well.  Found some good paper and art stores - I think my
favorite was Sam Flax, because they had some interesting things on the
clearance table that will make unique books and other mailarty things. Not as
excited by Pearl Paint- too congested and didn't think the prices were as
good as they were cracked up to be. Also liked Kate's a lot...".


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