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Wood engraving exhibit

We are very pleased to announce that our first online exhibit is now up. The
subjects of this first venture are the woodcut and wood engraving in the
twentieth century. We have a selection of materials pertaining to this
subject (including a couple of pieces earlier than the stated chronological
scope of the show which were too important to be left out), each with
accompanying images and descriptions. We hope to mount virtual shows at
approximately three month intervals. Future subjects, illustrated with
examples from our stock, will include the art of bookbinding and the livre
d'artiste. This first exhibit may be viewed at

Netscape 2.0 or an equivalent browser is required.

For those who have not visited our site we would like to suggest that you
check it out. In addition to our online catalogs we include an online
glossary of book collecting terms, a web-based newsgroup, essays pertaining
to various bibliophilic subjects and a host of other information. Wilsey
Rare Books was one of the first antiquarian booksellers to explore the
possibilities of the WWW and we like to think that our site is one of the
best. It has received various kudos including Magellan's 3 star award.
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