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Tom Phillips

Richard Minsky's recommendation of the Thames and Hudson WORKS AND TEXTS book
sounds like a 1992 book I've got by the same title, published in conjunction
with an exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, and in association
with Edition Hansjorg Mayer of Stuttgart. Anyhow, mine is 296 pages, gorgeous
color, more expensive (!): $40 at Printed Matter, probably in 1993, paperback.
Carries Paschal's introduction and the rest in Tom Phillips's own words, mostly,
including a section on Humument that's a reprint of an earlier essay of his.
Also a lengthy bibliography at the back, of writings by Phillips and about

Huston Paschal is a truly inspired writer: poetic, clear, someone who seems able
to take on the immense range in Phillips's work and give something back in
addition to it. Wow. I've also got a modest catalogue on Phillips published in
conjunction with a show of his work at Paschal's own institution, the North
Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, NC. From a 1990-91 exhibition. Sorry--can't
give you the price, but it should be modest, also. Her introduction in WORKS AND
TEXTS is the longer piece, though, so unless you desire to track down every bit
on Phillips, and you can spend a bit more, WORKS AND TEXTS is worth it. Good



     Betty Bright, alias abd = :->
     Writer   Curator   Teacher

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