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Re: The Museum of Modern Art

>It is like they are locked
>in time, perpetually trying to re-live the Fluxus movement, when the rest of
>the book arts community has moved on.

So has the Fluxus community. We did cheap books because that was all we
could afford. Since then we have tried to do all kinds of books. Now if the
Republicans have their way, once again cheap books will be all we can do.
But this has nothing to do with what MOMA or anyone else buys.

By the way, the only Fluxus show MOMA has ever done was one which Philpot
put together on the MOMA Library. It focused excessively on Maciunas, our
group secretary. Maciunas was a fine graophic designer but he was not the
complete Fluxus. Thus from my point of view (ands many others of us as
well) MOMA has never shown Fluxus. I don't therefore think it is accurate
to say they try to re-live Fluxus.

Dick Higgins

Dick Higgins

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