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Re: Humument

To those who are interested, here's another resource on Tom Phillips'
_A Humument_:

        HUMAN DOCUMENTS: Tom Phillips's Art of the Page

An exhibition catalogue published by the University of Pennsylvania
Libraries, where there was a show of Humumental (!) work in 1993.
There are two catalogue essays -- one by Marvin Sackner and the other by
the exhibition's curator, librarian Daniel Traister.  Sackner's is mostly
anecdotal, but Traister's has some pretty interesting tidbits in it.

If you'd like to own a copy of this slim volume (w/b&w illus), write to:
        Michael Ryan
        Director, Special Collections
        Van Pelt Library
        University of Pennsylvania
        Philadelphia, PA  19104
and ask for it!  He said to either enclose $10.00 (which includes postage
and handling) in a check (payable to the Trustees of the U of PA), or
enclose no money at all and the library will bill you.

Happy reading,

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