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Book Arts in Los Angeles

The Alliance for Contemporary Book Arts (ACBA) of Los Angeles is
pleased to announce the second in a series of informal Open Studio talks by
ACBA members.
This event is hosted by KATHERINE NG of Pressious Jade Press with
guest INDIGO SOM of bitchy buddha press.
        Sunday, JULY 21, 1996 from 2:00-6:00 pm.
        A Talk with the artists will begin 3:00 pm.
For more information and directions to the studio, please call Katherine Ng at
213 / 225-8785.

All are welcome. It is also a good oppportunity to learn more about the
ACBA (now in its 9th year) and to meet fellow book artists and enthusiasts.

The successful first event was held by Susan King of Paradise Press with
guest book artist Terry Braunstein in April.

The Alliance for Contemporary Book Arts was born in early 1987 with as
many different agendas and ideas as it had founding members. The general
inclinationof the founders was to communicate to interested parties the
direction and depth of creative work in the book arts in the Southern
California region. The broader intent of the Alliance, however, was to
encourage interaction among those active in the diverse aspects of the field.
Today, nine years later, we continue to welcome involvement by new and
existing members in our efforts to explore, preserve, promote, and advance
the book arts in Southern California, and elsewhere.
     What does the Alliance do? We sponsor lectures, workshops, and
exhibitions. We provide a special events hotline to inform members of
activities in the Southern California region. We even throw a gala party every
now and then. Our "A Southern California Decade: An Exhibition of
Contemporary Book Arts, 1980-1989," toured the state throughout 1990.
      In 1993, we were selected by the American Printing History Association
to host their prestigious J. Ben Lieberman Lecture.
      We also publish AbraCadaBrA, an annual journal. Recent issues have
focused on varied subjects in the book arts field with articles written by
practitioners:  bookbinders on contemporary bookbinding practices, printers
and bookmakers on favored book projects, calligraphers on calligraphy and
 the art of the book, book artists' on autobio-graphical writing. Small
Magazine Review wrote, "For the serious pro, amateur, and curious
bookmaker, AbraCadaBrA is the magazine to get."

To become a member, send a check for $25 (annual) payable to the Alliance
for Contemporary book Arts at ACBA, Post Office Box 24415, Los
Angeles, CA 90024. Dues include a quarterly calendar of events listing, and
the journal.

Issue 10 "(Auto)biography", guest-edited by Susan King, has just been
published and available with membership. It features book artists Betsy
Davids, Johanna Drucker, Joan Lyons, Bonnie O'Connell. Katherine Ng,
Terry Braunstein, Scott McCarney; reviews by Renee Riese hubert and J.D.
Hubert, Susan King, and Gerald Lange.

Back issues of all journals are also available. Enquire at above address for
price and availability.

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