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Repair water damaged offset lithograph prints

Over the week end we discovered that a continual leak was seeping through
the floor wall of our bathroom and spare bedroom.  Unfortunately we had a
set of 12 valuable prints in a protective portfolia (waiting to be framed
one day) standing along the same wall.  Over time water stains and mold
crept up on the paper, and reached the picture area on three of the prints.
The paper was quite wet and when pulling apart,  two sheets stuck together
and ripped.  There is of course warpage.

This may be a stupid question, but is there any way of repairing water
damage to paper?  When speaking to an appaisor, he asked if any conservation
work could be done to them and I replied no, the only thing that could be
done is to matt them up to the picture edge.  Is this incorrect?

I don't know what kind of paper was used, but it's acid free and quite
smooth and heavy weight.  Any thoughts or comments?


Colette Johnson-Vosberg


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