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Re: Repair water damaged offset lithograph prints

>On Thu, 11 Jul 1996, Steven Hales  wrote:

>The short answer is yes, they can be restored. The long answer is that
>paper conservators debate endlessly about exactly what to do. What I would
>do (and here I launch myself into a pit of vipers) is immerse each print
>in a solution of Chloramine T (2g per 100ml water). Pour off as much as
>possible, and let the print air dry. Don't worry if it gets wrinkly
>looking. Then soak the print in a vat of clean water for four hours.
>Carefully remove and blot with paper towels. Sandwich the wet print
>between two pieces of clean white blotting paper and pile some books of

I wish it were always that easy. It would make  paper conservators jobs much
simpler. Before jumping in and trying this I would at least talk to a paper
conservator... they are not hard to find. Wet paper treatments can be tricky
and works can be easily and irreversibly damaged. Many factors, paper type,
age, condition, type of print... all come into play. It is not as simple and
straight forward as Mr. Hales suggests.

John Freund
Book and paper consevator
University of Florida Libraries

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