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Equipment Available

Hi everyone.  I received a phone call today from Kathy Nelson who's with the
city of Walnut Creek, CA. She said they are looking for a good home for a lot of
letterpress equipment and some bookbinding equipment (no further details). They
need to clear the space in the next month or so, and would be open to any
offers, including a trade for teaching a class, perhaps, or doing a
presentation. It might be a great deal for the right person. Kathy's phone
number is (510) 943-5899, ext 405.     ...tom

Tom Bannister, (800) 821-6604, fax (800) 538-7549
Page Two, Inc., PO Box 77167, Washington, DC 20013
Hand Papermaking, PO Box 77027, Washington, DC 20013

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