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Re: middleton video info?

Forwarding this to the list because I too would be interested. I think the
title comes from the Bindervision series or something.


At 09:52 AM 7/14/96 -0400, you wrote:
>I just attended bernard Middleton's
>Workshop in Livonia....It was fabulous
>Do you know how i can get a copy
>of the video that is around?
>I've met a bunch of people who have seen in.
>But no one seems to know who is selling it..
>I would be ever so greatful....
>j. godsey
>I was a member then I dropped out ot the scene..
>my new registration fee is in the mail.
>why did i drop out? I can't remember why now.
>check or money order
>14 day return policy
>                               j. godsey
>                               bookbinder
>                             14 pleasant st
>                            methuen, ma 01844  usa
>                             (508) 725-0073
>                              gods@xxxxxxxx
>      *book repairs*                                 *book searches*

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