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Re: Color fastness of computer printer inks

I'd simply like to add that I've been testing a printout from my Citizen
Printiva 600C - it was hanging in a west-facing window with direct sunlight
for three months with no fading - I've since moved it to an east window,
it's been there a month and still no appreciable fading.

The Citizen Printiva uses a new, patented printing process called,
Micro-Dry(TM). which fuses pigment to the paper with a combination of heat
and pressure. 600x600 dpi in color and/or b/w with a 1200 x 600 dpi mode
which only works with TrueType fonts and no graphics of any sort. It's had a
number of good reviews and mentions in PC Magazine.

The only drawbacks are it's slow, is picky about paper, the smoother the
better, can't do envelopes in more than one color, and a little pricey per
page - $.20-$1.20 per page. Some people criticize its color matching, but it
works nicely for me.

No commercial affiliation with Citizen.


William Adams

Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow

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