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Re: Repair water damaged offset lithograph prints

On Thu, 11 Jul 1996, Steven D. Hales wrote:

> On Thu, 11 Jul 1996, vosberg wrote:
> The short answer is yes, they can be restored. The long answer is that
> paper conservators debate endlessly about exactly what to do. What I would
> do (and here I launch myself into a pit of vipers) is immerse each print
> in a solution of Chloramine T (2g per 100ml water).

A pit of vipers certainly!

Chloramine T has not been used for some considerable time by conservators,
(I do not speak for restorers or DIY enthusiasts) If you wish to keep
your prints, do not use this chemical. The problem is that the chemical
is never completely washed out of the paper and so continues bleaching it
until there is nothing left, even if the print is dry, the reaction
continues. This was proven at Camberwell College of Art, where Chloramine T
treated prints were left in a dark cupboard for a period of about 5 years.
The prints had completely faded when they next saw the light of day.

If you are intent on using a bleach for removing water stains, I
recommend using Hydrogen peroxide, The process is slower, but the H202
only degenerates to deterioration products which can be washed away,
water and hydrogen. So when the print is dry, there is no threat of
continued reaction.

Jonathan Farley

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