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Re: Color fastness of computer printer inks

Has anyone got any information on Lasermaster's new "outdoor inkjet inks?"
I received a mailing from them recently describing new inks for their
banner printers which they say are pigment based as opposed to dye based.
I've been telling myself that I have been waiting for pigment based inks to
come along before getting an inkjet printer, now I may have3 to put up or
shut up!

Another question: Has anyone on the list experimented with other color inks
(beside the standard CMYK). This is purely theoretical, since I don't even
own an inkjet at this point, but it seems that you could produce superior
spot color printing by mixing your inks in the cartridge and then just
specifying a pure cyan, say, which would print out sepia or what ever you
had in the cyan reservoir.

Alan Hayes

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