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HELP! Students needed!

Pardon the cross-post, but my calligrapher wife is in danger
of having a book-arts course she's dying to attend cancelled,
so this seems relevant to both groups.

My wife is signed up to take a workshop called "Pop-Up Paper
Structures" from Carol Barton at Historic Rittenhousetown in
Philadelphia. We just got a call from the Director of
Papermakig and Education of Rittenhousetown (Winnie Radolin);
they are one person short of a quorum, and unless someone else
signs up by Thursday she'll have to cancel.

I gather that Carol Barton taught a workshop at the last
Callig conference, and that it was "sold out"; my wife only
got to take a mini-workshop, and has been looking forward
to this course for months. I'd sign up for it myself, if
I could write my own name legibly, and if I didn't have to
handle a sullen pre-teen who can't quite be trusted to be
on his own all day.

If you are interested, please give Winnie a call at
(215) 844-6388. If you aren't, or are but can't make it,
try to think of someone you know who is just dying to
take a workshop on pop-ups from someone who teaches
book structures courses at the University of the Arts
in Philadelphia.

If you didn't know about Historic Rittenhousetown, it
was the first paper mill in the country, and "the center
of papermaking in America for nearly 100 years." They
have workshops throughout the Summer and into September:
the next few include: Japanese Papermaking, Cyanotype
Photography, Watermarks & Stencils, and Pulp Spraying
& Casting.

I thank you, my wife thanks you, and Winnie thanks you.

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