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Re: HELP! Students needed!

FYI-Carol Barton is teaching at a lot of places this summer. I've just
signed up for a course at Horizons in western MA in Pop-up structures that
I think has a few more spaces and will defintely run. Right after, she is
teaching the same at the Visual Studies Workshop in NY. If your wife can
travel and her course is cancelled, she might be able to hook into one of
        Horizons, 108 North Main St., Sunderland, MA 01375 413-665-0300.
Aug 8-11. $225 + lab fee. $155 for room and board is extra.
        Visual Studies Workshop, 31 Prince Street, Rochester, NY 14607
716-442-8676. $350 + 35 lab fee. Housing/food extra (motel $60/night or
dorm ($65-75/week avail).
        You might check the Women's Studio Workshop in NY too. I can't seem
to find their number. I think it's in Rosedale or Rosendale, NY.
        Good luck!

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