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Does anyone know anything about Isotype? And I dont meen the typeface I have have
in my type menu...

Recently I bought a book in a Stockholm dating from 1948 by someone named Otto
Neurath entitled "The Emergence of Modern Man" (my translation from the Swedish
title "Den moderna manniskan trader fram, Stockholm 1948"). In it Neurath,
introduced as leader of "The International Institute of Visual Education", uses a system
of graphic presentation based on stanard symbol that combined makes charts,
diagrams and maps.

The method is called "Isotype" and produces pictures so "mid-20th-century" that you
marvel. The idea itself should be impossible and the "universal"  aspect is long gone but
as a phenomenon of the modernistic movement it is intriguing.

Neurath is said to have introduced the Isotype-method in a book called "International
Picture Language, the First Rules of Isotype", London 1936.

I would be very greatful for any information

Gustav Malmfors
Gustav Malmfors Typografik
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183 46 Täby

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