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Re: Color fastness of computer printer inks

A couple of questions:
Were the inks you used for refilling sold specifically for inkjets? I
wasn't aware that there were inks available other than CMYK for these
machines. Do you have sources you could cite for these materials. Also, the
Printiva sounds like an interesting machine, do you know if it will work
Mac or PC?


>I've done a bit of experimenting with refilling inkjet cartridges - brown
>worked quite well, and blue as well. Other colors were less successful.
>I've considered occasionally refilling a color cartridge as you suggest, but
>haven't ever actually done it - a print done with a normal color cartridge
>and one loaded with brown in the place of black came out rather
>interestingly though.
>There is one company which makes a 3 color replacement cartridge for the
>black cartridge in a Lexmark 4079, flourescent orange, brilliant green and
>black. It comes with a special printer driver to make the new colors
>available and facilitate the proofing of hexachrome graphics.
>One thing I forgot to mention about the Citizen Printiva is that it also has
>available optional metallic foil ribbons, metallic blue, gold and red - no
>silver unfortunately. It'd be wonderful if they'd make available a
>PostScript interpreter for the printer and Pantone(TM) or other spot color
>William Adams
>Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow

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