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chax press books

I just made three special offers for significant savings on Chax Press books
to a Poetics List, and one of those offers was for handmade books, so I
thought I would repeat it here. This is the only time I've tried to use this
space to sell books, and if this is not an OK thing to do, then I apologize.
List-holder tell me, and I won't do it again.

Part of this messages stresses the literary. Chax Press has always occupied
that nether territory between (or better, including) literature & book arts.
We are a serious literary press publishing primarily experimental/innovative
writing, almost all poetry. We also try to develop book forms which add to
the reading experience in ways which in themselves are compelling, but which
are particularly important in the way they collaborate with the literary text.

So here's the offer for significant savings on two books.


This is a message with a special offer from Chax Press. Please do not post
any replies to the Book Arts List. Rather respond with orders to
Chax Press
Box 19178
Minneapolis, MN  55419-0178

or respond with questions to chax@xxxxxxx, or call at 612-721-6063

Because Chax Press is moving in one month, we are taking only orders by mail
accompanied by a check to Chax Press, and to insure you have books mailed to
you before our move, you should get them in to us by August 6. And just in
case you are worried about tracking us down, our Tucson address will be 101
W. Sixth Street, Tucson, AZ 85701, but we will not be at that address until
about August 30. And mail will be forwarded from the Minneapolis address as


A special offer on two deluxe handmade, letterpress books.

OUTLANTISH, by Nathaniel Mackey

This book was published in late 1992. Recently we have bound a few copies
which were not released at that time, although they still make up part of
the 100 copies in the edition. Just one dozen copies are available at this
time. The original price of the book was $110. To members of the Poetics
List & Book Arts List  these dozen copies are now available for $40 each.

Outlantish contains "mu" fourth part through eleventh part. Its epigraphs
read " . . . a myth is not merely a word spoken; it is a re-utterance or
pre-utterance, it is a focus of emotion. . . . Possibly the first muthos was
simply the interjectional utterance mu . . ." (Jane Harrison); and " . . . a
continent of feeling beyond our feeling . . . " (Robert Duncan).

The book measures 11 & 3/4 inches high by 6 inches wide. It is letterpress
printed on Mohawk letterpress paper with covers letterpress printed (title
is printed blind or without ink, thereby debossed into the cover) on Cross
Pointe Genesis recycled paper. The binding is a variation of the lang-stitch
method, with threads sewn and visible through the spine. Sheets of Japanese
Fuji Unryu paper in a soft brownish-grey with neutral-colored fibers visible
in it, are wrapped around the first and last signature of the book to offer
a dramatic and sensual break in the reading of the text, and in a sense
extending the outside of the book to the inside. Mackey's text is
accompanied by three collage illustrations by Tucson Arizona artist Sonia
Telesco. One of these illustrations is printed on a double-page sheet so
that the halves of the illustration are separated by four pages of text. The
illustrations make no attempt to conventionally "illustrate" the text
(something we're not that fond of at Chax), rather are the result of the
artist's response to that text in her own way -- collaboration rather than

WHEEL, by Gil Ott

Wheel was also originally published in 1992, and only a dozen or so copies
remain available.

The original price was $38. It is available to Poetics & Book Arts List
members at this time for $20.

 Both text and linoleum block prints in the book are by Gil Ott. The  book
measures 7.5 inches wide by 8 inches high. It is printed letterpress all in
black, text and block prints on Mohawk paper with one smaller-sized leaf of
Frankfurt paper sewn in. The cover of the book is made of handmade paper
made by Tom Leech at the San Miguel Paper Workshop in Colorado Springs and
is a beautiful burnt orange color. The unusual cover is intentionally
undersized, becoming a cover which does not entirely cover, leaving the
inside of the book visible to the outside, enacting a kind of ongoing wheel
in its engagement, physically, of book with world.

An excerpt from WHEEL:

sheet to the line, perspective

in that book
any instant

wind rise or fall

where to begin, or end. A breath describes another passage, that
tugs. Or "point of view." Without us, it has no

Thank you in advance for your orders.

charles alexander
chax press
box 19178
minneapolis, mn 55419-0178


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