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Re: Equipment Available

So have you called her yet? :-)


Tom Bannister wrote:
> Hi everyone.  I received a phone call today from Kathy Nelson who's with the
> city of Walnut Creek, CA. She said they are looking for a good home for a lot of
> letterpress equipment and some bookbinding equipment (no further details). They
> need to clear the space in the next month or so, and would be open to any
> offers, including a trade for teaching a class, perhaps, or doing a
> presentation. It might be a great deal for the right person. Kathy's phone
> number is (510) 943-5899, ext 405.     ...tom
> Tom Bannister, (800) 821-6604, fax (800) 538-7549
> Page Two, Inc., PO Box 77167, Washington, DC 20013
> Hand Papermaking, PO Box 77027, Washington, DC 20013

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