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Re: Dyeing Fabric

On Thu, 18 Jul 1996, Hedi Kyle wrote:

>         I am in the process of dyeing some airplane linen and cotton muslin
>         to use for cloth rebackings of 19th century publishers bindings.
>         Would anyone like to share their technigue with me. I have used
>         both acrylic paint and Dr. Martins dyes. I am also interested in
>         how you allow them to dry (on plexi, hung, stretched) and if you
>         add anything to the dye especially so it doesn't run or fade.
>         thanks,
>         denise carbone, assistant conservator
>         American Philosophical Society
>         E-mail: hkyle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have had good results with various mixtures of methel celulose and PVA
tinted with acrylic paints. The fabric should be washed in washing soda
to remove all the sizing and detergent residue from any previous
washings.  The "paint can be freely brushed on the fabric to the point of
saturation while spread out on a sheet of plexiglass.  After the
application of the color the fabric should be rolled-out with the widest
brayer that you can find. I use one 16 inches wide, being careful to
blend any overlaping strokes. Once the air has been pressed-out, dry the
sheet in place. When dry, peal the sheet to reveal the glossy side.  The
rolling/drying process fills the pores to the fabric and reduces the
bleed through of the binding adhesive.  Don't worry about the exact
proportions.  The Mel Cel slows the drying time during application and
helps dull the glossy look of the PVA and or acrylic. If you like a
textured look, foam it up a bit.

Hope this gives you some ideas.

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