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Re: videotapes

>Does anyone out there know where/how to get the videotapes which were
>produced (I think) by the Guild and were sold for a while by Bookmakers?

>Mark Andersson


Sorry to be so late in responding, but I've just returned from teaching my
annual Technology of the Medieval Book workshop.

You can get to a listing of Guild of Book Workers' Standards Seminar
videotapes (and others) by going to my web page.

Hope this helps.


                             Jack C. Thompson
                    Thompson Conservation Laboratory
                   The Caber Press * Istor Productions
                             7549 N. Fenwick
                           Portland, OR  97217
                        503/735-3942 (voice/fax)


              "Is a half-wit herbalist only parseley sage?"
                                        Don Guyot, 1996

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