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Help needed

Please UNSUBSCRIBE me from this list, and confirm that you have done

Somebody signed me up as a prank.  Please, if you can supply any information
about who did this, I would GREATLY appreciate it.  In particular, if you
can provide any information from the header of the original subscription
message, that would be wonderful.

For reference, the subscription appears to be under a false name, using
a freenet account to forward the mail to me.  Search for a new subscription
at freenet.victoria.bc.ca.

  One KNOWN alias:  wn878@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  The person has been using the name Sandra Kinion, and perhaps others.
The subscription occurred on late on July 23 or early on July 24.

The person that did this is named Bill Worthington.  He uses the following two
accounts regularly:


Please, I'd appreciate it if you would protest this person's actions to the
system administrators at both these systems.  That will help me get him
disconnected once and for all.  Please send a quick mail message to the
administrator at these sites.

  Thank you

Jim Lyle



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