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Re: Dingman Portfolio

Hi Jon,

Received your check a few days ago. I'll mail the portfolio on Wednesday.
Plastic bags right??

So, where is Wynnewood, PA?  Gary and I will be visitng a friend in Phili the
week of July 5th (Are you close?) Josh Markel  (sp?)is a Math teacher and
fine woodworker. (He has a annual show at the Phili convention center. He
handcrafted the conference table and other furnitiure items, for the center.)

Sorry for the delay in sending the portfilio. We have deadlines. We are
memberes of the Miniature Book Society, and have been busy getting ready for
the Conclave, in San Francisco on Labor Day weekend. Not a moments rest.
We're lucky to eat and sleep!

Also, I have a book in the Athenaeum Library in La Jolla, and have an edition
of 10 lead type boxes/books to get finished. There are thirty-five artist
that were juryied in. I'm excited, because I quit my day job in September to
work on book arts, in a serious manner.  Previously, I had worked with my
husband as a Graphic Artist. He teaches Graphics and Printing at a high
school nearby. We are in San Diego.

Thank you for the order.


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