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Re: Jenny- Leather Darkening

Jack Fitterer mentioned a problem with Klucel G and ethanol... that it
sometimes 'burned' the deteriorated leather. I did not emphasize this
specifically in my previous communication, but it is absolutely essential to
use anhydrous alcohol with the Klucel G when consolidating deteriorated
leather. This means that the alcohol (ethanol or isopropyl; avoid methanol
as it's toxic) must have no water content. Alternative to the term
'anhydrous' is the term '100%' or 'absolute' alcohol. This can be a little
tricky to procur, but if you're in a university with a chem. supply store
probably not a prob. Used in this way, it is impossible for the Klucel G to
'burn' the leather as there is no water present. When consolidated in this
way, it is also possible to mix the PVA with some starch paste or
methylcellulose to to attach the spine fragment. I prefer this as it bonds
it better to the new leather and cleans up better. The Klucel prevents the
moisture content in the adhesive from penetrating and darkening the
leather....  okay, that's all!

Scott Kellar

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