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Re: everyone has a story to tell

Richard writes:
>Yes, everyone does have a story to tell, but there are many ways to tell
>that story. Books are only one of many methods of expression, and just
>because we value books, dosen't mean everyone does. Books are only valued
>by those who grow up with them.

I actually haven't found this to be true, and wouldn't want anyone to assume
that books might not be valuable to any community. And particularly, I
believe that if you reach children with bookmaking early on (2nd grade is
good) you actually might encourage them to love reading as well. You give
them a personal connection in a way that may be uniquely valuable.

> I believe it is accurate that children who
>are read to become adults who read. The best way to encourage bookmaking is
>to encourage reading. (Would you want to make something you never used?)
>And the best way to encourage reading to read to children.
>We should not encourage participation in an activity which seems trivial in
>another culture.It's the old missionary hubris: worship my god, he's better
>because I like him more.

I don't know any culture in which books are deemed trivial -- although many
cultures, including our own, have provided various incidences of book
burning and book banning.

>If you advocate insitutional support for expression of "everybody's story,"
>fund the art forms valued in the community, even if they're not the form of
>expression you value, like rap music and Mtv. The way you tell the story is
>part of the story.

By all means, but fund bookmaking, too. And this is spoken by some who likes
at least some rap music and who can sometimes be found watching MTV. But I
think MTV does a pretty good job of funding itself.

I think it's interesting, though, that there's an automatic assumption that
bookmaking is a kind of storytelling. I don't know if I agree with that,
except perhaps with a very broad definition of what constitutes


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