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Re: Inclusion in the book arts

>Now that school is out, most of the book arts programs that I've been
>associated with have been at public libraries.  I can't help noticing that
>EVERY class has had no minority representation.

I understand your frustration and can relate with the low participation of
minorities in book arts and paper making in Saint John, N.B.  Granted we are
predomantly white, but we do have a healthy black and native community who
don't seem to participate in workshops.

I am wondering, if your case (and perhaps you are already doing this),
ensure announcements pertaining to the workshops are in the areas first
language.  Also contact local community leaders such as the church, or event
organizers to set up a workshop on their "turf" so to speak.  Perhaps the
public library is too intimidating for them.  Invite Hispanic and Black
teachers to the workshops who in turn can include book arts and writing into
their curriculum.

It's a lot of work but I think the stories that would come out of it would
be worth it.

Good luck,

Colette Johnson-Vosberg
Hand paper maker and artist
Colette Johnson-Vosberg

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