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Re: Inclusion in the book arts

Ed, I too share your concern about involving
the entire world in Book Arts.  Although I've
not been successful (to my knowledge) in
enticing non-white book artists to submit work
for "Booker's Dozen," the biennial travelling
Idaho bookmaker's exhibition, this year's show
(which opens here at the Hemingway Center at
Boise State University next week for the month
of August) does have a (free) catalogue and
coninuous-play exhibit video in English and
Spanish.  I've sent the former to local and
regional publications intended for the Hispanic
population along with a letter of invitation,
my thought being, "Build it, and they will come."

By way of proof, the annual Hemingway Center Artist's
& Eccentric Book competition, which is open to
books artists around the globe, but which is
devoted, primarily, to publishing works which deal
with public issues (gender, race, environment, etc.)
of special interest to Rocky Mountain readers/
viewers, has received works from artists of diverse
heritage, orientation, etc.

Tom Trusky, Director
Idaho Center for the Book
Hemingway Western Studies Center
Boise State University


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