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Re: everyone has a story to tell

Thanks for all of the great ideas to make book arts classes more inclusive.
 I assure you that all of the ideas and suggestions have been taken to heart
and will be put to use.  Sometime in the future I will post a follow-up and
let you know how things are progressing.

I wanted to comment on Richard Seibert's message where he said:  "The best
way to encourage bookmaking is to encourage reading."  It's true that good
readers make great book makers.  But it's also true that bookmaking programs
also encourage better readers.  Many teachers have written me that the
bookmaking program we conducted in their classroom stimulated a frenzy of
interest in other books.  A major benefit of bookmaking programs is that they
de-mystify books and make them more approachable to readers.  For more
information on this subject I recommend, "Literacy Through the Book Arts" by
Paul Johnson, 1993, ISBN 0-435-08766-5, Heinemann, $18.95.

I also liked Richard's comment "The way you tell the story is part of the

All of the responses have given me a lot to think about.  Thanks.  Ed

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