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Re: leather darkening

Do not despair, Jenny.  When you oil the finished book with neat's
foot oil/anhydrous lanolin solution (60%/40%), all the leather will
darken, thereby minimizing the visual effect of the stain.

On Wed, 24 Jul 1996, Jenny Monesson wrote:

> Hi...
> I am making a spine repair to an 1883 leather-bound volume using
> jaconette. When I pasted the original leather down over the repair
> (with rice starch paste), in certain places the moisture from the
> paste seems to have seeped through and darkened the leather. It is now
> fully dry and has not lightened fully, although some lightening did
> occur. Help!! How can I return this leather to its original color? It
> is, of course, right on the front cover. Any suggestions?
> --
> Jenny Monesson
> 6250 Velasco Ave.
> Dallas, TX 75214
> 214-826-4733
> jennymo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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