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fabric dyeing

I never thought I'd be able to contribute anything to this list, but I do know
a bit about fabric dyeing. For dyeing plain cellulosic fabrics (it does work
on silk, but you're never sure what color you're going to get), Procion can't
be beat. It is not a "tradional" dye unless you're a Deadhead. It is "the"
dye used for all those tie-dye t-shirts!  It is a fiber-reactive dye, which
means it bonds at the molecular level with the fibers. It is very permanent.

It comes in many colours which can be combined to make even more. It is
available thru' several mail-order companies, one of the biggest is Dharma
Trading in San Rafael, Ca.  http://www.dharmatrading.com

Procion is a true dye, not a textile "paint" (as many of the silk paints are)
and does not change the hand of the fabric. (This may not be as important in
bookarts, but it can make a lot of difference in garment fabric.)

re prewashing: it is usual to prewash in synthrepol to remove sizing, etc.
Washing soda (Dharma calls it soda ash) is used to mordant.

Hope this helps

Susan Fatemi


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