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Re: everyone has a story to tell

To Ed Hutchins,

I applaud your concern and your wanting to tap into a resource not being
utilized. I am an African American Male who just recently began to work
in the Preservation Department of the Milton S. Eisenhower Library.  It
is very important that this feild is opened to everyone.

while I do not agree with Mr Richard Seibert totally he is entitled to his
opinon. Children are a precious resource and what we offer them
determines the type of choices they will make in their futures. The
Preservation field is a small community of people, who because of their
concerns about preserving physcal objects books, paintings, etc. have
choosen this tpye of work to carry these goals out. I want to first say that
I read to my son and want him to be exposed to as much material that I can find
to enlighten him about the world in which we live. I was also a Pre-school
teacher and strongly say that there are other parents who believe in
educating their children as well as reading to them.

I do not agree that this is trivial to our culture and feel that you have
grossly underestimated the African American/Latino communities.  While
the have been somethings forced upon us as a people God not one. Becases He
has brought us through as a people.  There are still somethings we value
that others have benefited from us and some we have benefited
from other cultures. We too have great Poets, writers of Literary works,
artist and film makers.  Those mediums will need to be preserved so that
our childrens children will always know that there is a history that we
are apart of.  While rap music is a continuum of our oral history, I am
deeply offended that Mr Seibert thinks that this is our only way to tell
a story.

I strongly believe that there so young African American,and Latino
book artist in the making, in need of direction, and teaching.  Children
need to be made excited about  preservation and once they see results it becomes
encouragement for them to want to continue. Yes there are more ways to tell
the story and Rap music is not the only way.

Brian T. McNair
Book Repair Supervisor
Preservation Department
Milton S. Eisenhower Library
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD 21218
Fax (410)-516-8596
E-mail:  bmcnair@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
On Sun, 28 Jul 1996, Richard Seibert wrote:

> Ed (Hutchins) et al
> Yes, everyone does have a story to tell, but there are many ways to tell
> that story. Books are only one of many methods of expression, and just
> because we value books, dosen't mean everyone does. Books are only valued
> by those who grow up with them. I believe it is accurate that children who
> are read to become adults who read. The best way to encourage bookmaking is
> to encourage reading. (Would you want to make something you never used?)
> And the best way to encourage reading to read to children.
> We should not encourage participation in an activity which seems trivial in
> another culture.It's the old missionary hubris: worship my god, he's better
> because I like him more.

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